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Services and Online Booking

In order to keep fees low and treat as many pup clients in a day,
Mutts services San Clemente and surrounding areas.
Unsure Mutts services your area? 
Text (949)550-7700
Travel $$ can be added if you are out of area or if I can refer , happy to do that as well.


Hang Loose Relaxation


Designed For pups with no known major issues. It is a full body massage aimed at keeping your pup in top condition and improving joint and tissue health and creating balance. I will use different types of massage strokes and techniques depending on your pups evaluation.  Also good for new pup additions to the family or shy pups. Physical touch reduces stress and has been shown to alleviate anxiety and aggression in nervous anxious dogs. This massage can also be used for certain post op procedures as a healing tool as well as approved by your veterinarian. Your pup will be already to hang loose when his/her massage is over. PAWsitive vibes for sure!

Totally Stoked

Send it Pups

This massage is aimed at the pups that SEND IT all the time! Our high energy dogs that can range from working canines, agility, show dogs, or just the weekend warrior who goes for the full stoke no matter what. Massage will help keep these muscles in shape and help them recover quicker and also reduce the risk of injury for these active dogs. Massage strengthens there immune system and promotes longevity so they can keep aiming for the total stoke.

Rxe red light.jpg

Big Kahuna

Respected Wise One

This massage is aimed at our senior pups that may have ongoing health issues, i.e. arthritis or decreased muscle tone. It will include gentle range of motion stretching along with gentle massage techniques. This massage can also benefit some pups postop after certain procedures as approved by their veterinarian I will use different appropriate massage techniques for your big kahuna that will promote healing and help reduce pain and keep the joints lubricated allowing for improved mobility and quality-of-life.

Red Light Therapy

Included with Massage 
Or Book Seperate

LED light therapy is really a way to help the body heal itself. Using both red and near infrared lights is beneficial because the wavelengths are absorbed by different depths of tissue. The combination of the two work in concert to provide benefits for soft tissue injuries, inflammation, ligament soreness, tendon problems, sore backs, splints, strains, stifle issues, sprains, swelling, shoulder pain, hip pain, sore backs, sore necks, salivary gland problems, wounds, cuts, scrapes, arthritis pain and for trigger points and acupuncture points.

Vetcare pete.jpg

LLLT Low Level Laser Therapy

Included with Massage 
Or Book Seperate

Infrared light is not visible to the eye. It penetrates to a depth of about 30-40 mm (1.2′′ to 1.4′′), which makes it more effective for bones, joints, deep muscles, bursa, etc. Infrared light is one of the safest therapies on the market today. When infrared light is administered, it reduces sensitivity of neural pathways and causes the body to release endorphins that provide a nontoxic, natural form of pain relief. Unlike ultrasound and electrical stimulation, infrared technology is so gentle that patients can use it frequently without causing more damage to injuries or other chronic pathologies.
Although both red and infrared wavelengths penetrate to different depths and affect tissues differently, their therapeutic effects are similar.

Thermal Imaging


Pictures are worth a thousand words. Thermal imaging looks at physiology and due to the truly non invasive nature complements what we do here at Mutts. Thermal imaging is very sensitive to changes in the muscular, vascular, skeletal, and nervous systems, detecting temperature differences of less than 0.5°C, which is 40 times more sensitive than the human hand.  By taking a thermal image with a special camera we may be able to see increased or decreased thermal activity (hot or cold areas) on a pup who may be showing signs of pain but not sure from where.

Dog Walker at the Park

Vet Tech Assist

Call or Text for specifics

I have over 25 years a Veterinary technician. I also offer in home care such as Hospice care, Subcutaneous fluids, injections, bandage changes, nail trims, medication, tick removal etc.  All approved or prescribed by your pets Veterinarian.

Mutt Bus Transport

Pick up / drop off

Our Mobile Mutt Bus is a safe and fun way to travel for your pup. If he/she has a grooming appointment  or vet appointment, we can pick up and take them and also bring them back safely to you.  Call or text for details and rates.

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Time to Get your Pup some PAWsitive VIbes

Online booking available. Your appointment day and time will be confirmed via text or email. Payment can be made either online or in person day of the treatment. First assessment appointment is the same for all pups. Moving forward sessions are based on pups individual needs which may be shortened sessions etc equaling less fees. If your pup is a new patient please click below and download the new client form and fill out and you may either email back to or have at their first appointment.

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Terms and Conditions
Massage is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any specific illness or condition and should only be used as a compliment to proper Veterinary care.  Massage may provide support and encourage the body into its most optimal state of health.  The content provided herein is informational only and is not to be construed as veterinary advice.  Consult your Veterinarian before seeking massage therapy for your pets. No practice of veterinary medicine is provided by Mutts and Muscles and we operate in full compliance with all California laws and regulations.
Massage Therapist: Tracey Bouman CMFT, Vet Tech

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