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Time to Get your Pup some PAWsitive VIbes

Online booking available. Your appointment day and time will be confirmed via text or email. Payment can be made either online or in person day of the treatment. First assessment appointment is the same for all pups. Moving forward sessions are based on pups individual needs which may be shortened sessions etc equaling less fees. If your pup is a new patient please click below and download the new client form and fill out and you may either email back to or have at their first appointment.

Terms and Conditions
Massage is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any specific illness or condition and should only be used as a compliment to proper Veterinary care.  Massage may provide support and encourage the body into its most optimal state of health.  The content provided herein is informational only and is not to be construed as veterinary advice.  Consult your Veterinarian before seeking massage therapy for your pets. No practice of veterinary medicine is provided by Mutts and Muscles and we operate in full compliance with all California laws and regulations.
Massage Therapist: Tracey Bouman CMFT, Vet Tech

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