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My Qualifications and Experience

A Trusted Source for Animal Care

Trusting a stranger with your pet isn’t something that should be taken lightly. That’s why I’ve made sure to outline my previous experience so you can feel confident moving forward with me. Feel free to reach out.

Veterinary Assistant 

I have worked as a Veterinary Assistant  for over 25 years and have enjoyed it as my profession. Bringing that extensive knowledge and background with me to canine massage has helped me immensely help my pup patients and their owners.  

June 1990 - April 2020

Canine Myo Manipulative Therapist

Holistic Animal Studies- Angel's Animals

February 2020- Present


April 2020- Present

International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork/ Association of Canine Water Therapy
Professional community that provides and teaches the traditional values and techniques of holistic massage and bodywork for animals.  We are dedicated to promoting, advancing and growing the practice of animal massage and bodywork through education, establishing industry standards and building an international network.

ABMP Insured Member

July 2020- Present

Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals
Professional level members meet specific eligibility requirements based on training.  All members are required to maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and adhere to ABMP code of ethics.

Canine Osteopath

October 2021- Present

London College Of Animal Osteopathy

Certifications and Professional Associations

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International Association Of Animal Massage and Bodywork
Association of Canine Water Therapy

Associated Bodywork & Massage professionals

Canine Osteopath

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