Dope Dog Peanut Butter Calming Treats 3mg per treat

Dope Dog Peanut Butter Calming Treats 3mg per treat

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Small Batch so they work !!!!!
Calming Crunchies Peanut Butter Recipe (100mg CBD per bag) - Set your pup up for success with our most popular calming dog treat. Baked with active CBD, this delicious treat can help your dog through a particular issue like anxiety or inflammation. With nutritious value, calming abilities, and a great flavor, this trifecta is a doggy must-have.

🙌 All-natural human-grade ingredients 
🐶 Supports balance and calm    
🧑‍🍳 Limited-ingredient  
🌾 Wheat-free  
🌱 100% THC Free 

Serving size 3 mg CBD hemp oil per treat
You know your dog best.
Start wit the following doses and adjust as needed
1 mg for every 10 lbs of body weight. Repeat every 4-8 hours as needed. 
Ex. 60 lb pup = 2 treats = 6 mg 

Treat. Calm. Repeat.
We believe it should be EASY for dogs to live a long and healthy life. That's why we made a product that is effective AND tasty. We are proud to maintain a 100% small-batch bakery which ensures every dog treat is hand-touched, baked fresh, and has the perfect crunch, every time! Tested by thousands of pups, even the pickiest eaters gobble up our calming dog treats.


Peanut Butter
A dog's favorite! Peanut Butter is a great plant-based source of protein. It also contains heart-healthy fats, vitamin B, niacin, and vitamin E.

Rolled Oats
Oatmeal is a great carbohydrate alternative for dogs who may be sensitive to wheat or other grains. Oats are packed with linoleic acid, a type of omega-6 fatty acid that helps keep skin strong and healthy. Oatmeal is also great source of fiber, making it beneficial for dogs with bowel irregularity issues.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is a healthy fat that is safe for dogs and humans alike. It gently elevates the metabolism, provides a higher level of energy, and speeds healing. Coconut oil can also improve dogs' skin and coat and aid in digestion.

CBD Isolate
CBD stands for "cannabidiol" which is an all-natural cannabinoid derived from the hemp flower. 100% of our CBD is from sun-grown hemp from sustainable US farms. CBD isolate is made from hemp oil that's been refined down to pure CBD. Unlike many CBD products that are made from a full-spectrum hemp extract, Calming Crunchies are made from pure CBD isolate, which means they are 100% THC-free.


Daily Treat
Home Alone
Trip to the Vet or groomers
Recovery + Aging well