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Why does my dog need a massage ?

I get this question a lot. I usually answer it with a question.....Well WHY do YOU get a massage?? To which the typical reply usually is because it feels good. As humans ,we know all too well the benefits of massage.  These same principals also apply to our pups.  Pet massage as practiced by a qualified professional (like Me)is grounded in anatomy, kinesiology and psychology and has practical applications for a pet's physical and mental health.  Pet owners often fail to realize massage therapy is NOT merely glorified petting.

How’s does massage benefit my dogs psychological well being?

Many studies show that massage stimulates the release of beneficial neurotransmitters and reduces the production of stress hormones. This in turn results in less anxiety and and enhanced sense of well being.  It can build their self confidence , sociability and self-confidence. These  benefits are priceless to any dog but especially to those who have suffered abuse or other trauma

What signs should I look for to tell if my dogs needs a massage?

Just like us, your pup can just get a relaxation massage for wellness. More serious issues to look for could be- stiffness, soreness, harder time getting up and down or going up or down stairs, mobility issues,depressed, posture changes, coat changes, uneven nail wear, old before their time or lost their sparkle.

Where do you massage my pup?

Mutts is completely mobile. Your pups treatment can be done inside the mutt bus or I also have a set up to come inside the home.  I have found that most pets love coming inside the mutt bus and laying down on the bed and relax pretty quickly. Owners are welcome to observe and hang out or can head back inside to get some chores done.

My pet needs to go to the vet. Will you take them?

The mutt bus is available for transport for vet visits , grooming drop offs and pick ups and any other transportation needs. Call, text or email for quote.

How long is the typical massage?

The first treatment usually takes a little over an hour with the initial assessment. Following massages typically range from 45-60 minutes including any red light and laser therapy that’s included.  Some massage times can be shorter depending on age of pet and treatment required. Massage rates are adjusted accordingly.

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