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              Mutts CCO

                     Chief Canine Officer Pe’ahi Pete

Meet Mutts CCO, Chief Canine Officer Pe’ahi Pete. He is the “Why” behind Mutts getting started. At about 7 months old I noticed he was already showing signs of stiffness and getting up slow. He seemed sore after long walks or playing hard. At first I just chalked it up to puppy growing pains, but it persisted.  SO off to work with me he went to the hospital. Radiographs revealed he had hip dysplasia. Needless to say I was heartbroken for my little guy. He was a rescue and more than likely from a back yard breeder. The orthopedic surgeon reviewed his X-rays and it was determined he was not a candidate for any type of surgery at this point. So I was on to internet searches to see how I could help my boy live his best life and keep him strong, healthy and pain free for as long as possible. Canine Massage kept coming up. I searched in my area and could not find anyone who did what sounded like was an amazing profession. So I did more research and it took me three years and I am fully certified and along with my over 25 years of experience of working as a Veterinary Technician am here to help your pups too.  Pete gets weekly massages, red light and Laser therapy and does not skip a beat. I do not notice any lameness or favoring of that hip that is so bad. He enjoys playing on SUP Pupping ( stand up paddle boarding) with me, riding in the boat, jumping off the back of the boat and swimming for days and LOVES to chase his ball forever. That’s all we can ask for is that they live their BEST LIFE with PAWsitive VIbes only!

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Petes radiographs showing his hip dysplasia in his right hip at 7 mos of age.

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