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Pawsitive Vibe Massages

The Best for Your Pet

A massage plan will be developed specifically for your pet by our certified canine massage therapist based on the assessment at first appointment. Whether you have an older pup that needs special attention to maintain mobility , a recently adopted pup with stress and anxiety issues , a working canine that loves to send it or even a perfectly healthy balanced  pet , massage can benefit them.

Red Light Therapy

Included with Massage OR
by Appt

LED or red light therapy is good for arthritis, bursitis, bruising, deep muscle problems, inflammation, sprains, cuts, tendon problems and chronic pain, just to name a few. The LED's increase circulation by increasing new capillaries which in turn speed up healing process.  There areno reports of adverse side effects of Red light therpapy.

Cold Laser / LLLT

Included with Massage OR by Appt

Photizo Vetcare laser is effective in treating skin conditions, Musculoskeletal problems, post op care, relieves pain, promotes healing and can increase immune system activity, again just to name a few. The Infrared light not visible to the eye penetrates to a depth of 30-40 mm ( 1.2"-1.4")  which makes it effective for bones, joints, deep muscles, bursa, etc. The visible red light penetrates tissue to a depth of 8-10 mm ( 3/8") so it is very beneficial to treating areas closer to skins surface such as wounds , scars, trigger or acupuncture points and is great for treating infections.


PAWsitive Vibes

What My Clients Are Saying


Very special care for my 12 yer old dog. Greatly appreciated.

"Rio's" Mom

Lily was soo happy and relaxed after her massage! I look forward to bringing her to get another one soon !

"Lily's" Mom

Riley was walking better before Tracey even left ! The red light and laser therapy work wonders on my old pup. Shes really getting around better and seems more comfortable.

"Riley's" Mom


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